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5 Summer Activities for Seniors | Elite Home Health Care

Depending on health and mobility, there are some great summer activity options for seniors. Here are some summer activities for seniors.

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Seniors and Pets: What to Do When Pets Become Too Much

Sometimes, keeping seniors and pets together is a positive arrangement, but when pets become difficult to care for or are a risk to your loved one's safety, finding a solution that suits everyone's needs is imperative.

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Caregiving During a Pandemic: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Stress

With so much uncertainty around us, caregiving during a pandemic can seem like the hardest thing to do. Here’s how you can manage stress as a caretaker.

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Keeping the Holiday Season Joyous Despite COVID-19

This holiday season may be a little different, but it can still be joyous. Here’s how to keep — or make new — family traditions despite COVID-19.

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Creating New Thanksgiving Traditions for 2020

The holidays may be different this year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your loved ones. Why not try these new Thanksgiving tradition ideas?

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What Do I Need to Tell a Home Health Aide?

They are with your family at their most vulnerable moments. You entrust them with the health and well being of the people you cherish most. You depend on their expertise and their compassion to guide you through some of life's most difficult decisions.

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