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4 Ways In-Home Care Benefits You and Your Senior Loved One

Have you got a senior family member needing daily assistance? You're probably considering the best care options for your loved one. You want loved one's to be safe, comfortable, and happy, but you must also manage obligations. You may need help meeting your family's needs due to the cost and choices of senior care services. One option many families find helpful is in-home care. Seniors can stay in their homes and get expert caregiver support.

Certified Training in Senior Care

Home Health Aides (HHAs) receive certified training in senior health services. This education gives them the skills to provide high-quality in-home care. They also understand the needs of aging at home and have the talents to manage them.

HHAs receive personal, nutrition, medication oversight, and safety care training. They also get regular instructions to learn the latest in senior care best practices.

Personal Care Assistance with Daily Living Activities

Caregivers provide aid to seniors in their day-to-day tasks. These duties include bathing, dressing, grooming, and using the bathroom. Caregivers also assist in preparing meals, feeding, and managing medications.

With devoted support, seniors keep their freedom while receiving care. Families gain relief as specialists tend to the well-being of their loved ones.

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care Expertise

Dementia and Alzheimer's can be tough for families. But trained caregivers are there to help. They know how to handle challenging behaviors and keep things safe.

Caregivers also receive training in memory care techniques like reminiscence therapy and cognitive stimulation. These techniques can improve the lives of those with chronic illnesses.

Medical Care Coordination and Transportation

Home Health Aides trained in-home care also help with personal and medical care. They schedule appointments, arrange transportation, and talk to healthcare providers. They also help with drug and treatment plans.

Having a caregiver coordinate medical care can be a huge relief for families. Seniors get the care they need, and it helps family members by reducing their burden.

We will also match each patient to the caregiver that best suits their needs and preference. Elite Home Health Care also has caregivers who speak your language! Our caregivers are fluent in multiple languages such as Cantonese, Russian, and Spanish so your loved one can feel comfortable having a caregiver that speaks their language. 

1. Personalized Care Plans: Customized Services for Your Family

In-home care creates a specific plan for your loved one. A nurse assesses their needs and crafts a care program. They'll suggest services, how often, and for how long. The plan includes medical history, medications, allergies, diet, hobbies, as well as routines.

A care plan designed to your dear one's needs and wishes ensures the best care. And you can change it as things shift or new demands arise.

2. Safety and Comfort at Home: Secure Environment for Seniors

In-home care gives seniors comfort, safety, and freedom. They stay connected to family, friends, and society while feeling at home.

Yet, staying home can be taxing for people with physical or mental challenges. Falls, accidents, and emergencies can put seniors at risk. Cooking, cleaning, and shopping can also be tricky, affecting seniors' comfort and quality of life.

In the comfort of home, seniors find safety and ease, ready to conquer any obstacle that comes their way. Home health aides (HHAs) manage daily needs like bathing, dressing, and eating. They assist with grooming, bathroom use, and mobility, and also cover household tasks and safety.

3. Stay Informed: Regular Communication and Updates

In-home care services keep you in the loop. You'll know how your loved one is doing, even if you're far away or busy— no more worries or guilt. Peace of mind is priceless.

In-home care also keeps you informed. Calls, emails, and video chats update you on your loved one's health. You'll get reports to show progress and they coordinate with other healthcare providers for consistent care.

With in-home care, you can always check in with the caregiver. You'll know your loved one is doing well.

4. Affordable Home Care: No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

New Yorkers can receive government help to pay for home care, but paperwork can sometimes bring confusion. Don't worry, our team is here to help. In-home care can be affordable, there are many options to help you pay without breaking the bank.

Medicaid helps eligible seniors pay for in-home care so they can receive care without worrying about expenses. Medicaid pays for personal care, therapy, medical supplies, as well as transportation at home.

Let Elite Home Health Care Help

Elite Home Health Care can help you find government assistance. We'll help with Medicaid applications and answer any of your questions. You also won't have any out-of-pocket expenses with us, and you'll get guidance from an experienced team. 

Our Home Health Aides and PCAs offer personalized care at home, overseen by registered nurses. You can connect with other healthcare providers, too. We're flexible and available 24/7 to meet your family's needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our home care services can benefit you.

Written by: Leah Ganz
Director of Patient Services

Leah Ganz, RN, BSN is the Director of Patient Services at Elite Home Health Care. She has an extensive background in homecare and previously worked in various specialties including pediatrics, pain managemnet and internal medicine. She oversees allpatient services across Elite's departments.