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Five Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day With Your Senior Mother

As your loved one ages, celebrating special occasions like birthdays and Mother's Day can become more challenging. They may have cognitive impairments that leave them confused about what's going on or have trouble getting around. This can narrow down options for activities to do that make them feel safe and happy. Indeed, the mothers in our lives deserve to be honored and showered with love without feeling like they are a burden. Thankfully, there are a variety of easy ways to show your appreciation while creating memories to look back on for years to come.

Tea Party for Mother's Day

Tea has many benefits, like aiding in digestion and promoting relaxation, to name a few. If mom is in a retirement home, invite her friends to the cafeteria for a fancy tea party. Bring some macaroons, finger sandwiches, different kinds of tea, and lemonade for them to enjoy. Spice it up by pretending to be in the U.K. with lavish tea hats you can find on Amazon and a lovely spread of treats. If she is able to get up and about, many coffee shops have a variety of teas to choose from.

Theater/Music Night

Mother's Day is all about mom and the things she loves to do. Take a trip down memory lane by watching her favorite movies from when she was growing up. Nowadays, it's easy to stream just about anything whether it's on YouTube or Netflix, or even a quick order of DVDs on Amazon. If you have children, have the kids act as ushers and serve popcorn throughout the night. The same can be done with music by creating a free Spotify account. Your mother can then listen in the comfort of their favorite chair or dance around the living room.

Game Night

Board games of all levels are always a fun time with family. Uno, Sequence, Yahtzee, and Dominoes are some of the most popular games among seniors. The most popular, however, would be the exciting game of Bingo. One study even suggests that individuals with dementia who play Bingo with high-contrast cards have an increased performance. You can find jumbo Bingo cards, here, or check your local Facebook page for community centers or restaurants that host their own Bingo night.

Spa Day

Massages are a great way to relieve arthritis pain and improve blood circulation. If leaving the house is more challenging, then order some of your mother's favorite desserts and have an indoor spa day. Then, pick up some colorful nail polish at the drugstore and give her a hand massage along with a manicure. Use this face steamer and lightweight face lotion for a relaxing facial. It feels good to get pampered and it's very much doable in the comfort of your own home.


As parents age, it can be hard for them to find a hobby they enjoy. Gardening is a great way to stay busy and also brings fulfillment as they contribute to the health and growth of vegetables and plants. If a yard to plant vegetables in is unavailable, grab some seeds or indoor plants from your local florist and care for them inside. There are even herb kits that are great for growing indoors which they can use later on to cook with and try new recipes.

Celebrate Mother's Day With Your Senior Mother

Health challenges may prevent our loved ones from staying busy, active, and social. It's important to maintain feelings of connection and liveliness for more than just one day of the year. We understand that families are busy or may live further away. Fortunately, there are options like in-home health aids with Elite Home Health Care that can provide assistance with daily tasks, post-hospitalization care, and most importantly, companionship. Contact us today to learn more.

Written by: Leah Ganz
Director of Patient Services

Leah Ganz, RN, BSN is the Director of Patient Services at Elite Home Health Care. She has an extensive background in homecare and previously worked in various specialties including pediatrics, pain managemnet and internal medicine. She oversees allpatient services across Elite's departments.