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How to Care for Your Patients in Times of Stress and Uncertainty

How do you deal with an enemy you can't see?


That's exactly what stress and uncertainty feel like. And as hard as it is to deal with your own stress, it can be that much harder to help patients who are going through their own internal struggle.


Wondering how a professional caregiver can care for patients in times of stress and uncertainty? Keep reading to discover our complete guide!


Feeling Overly Dependent

By definition, a patient is someone who needs help. However, older patients may struggle with feeling overly dependent on others. In time, this dependence may make them feel relatively helpless.


While it's easier said than done, the best way to ease such concerns is to foster feelings of independence. Instead of doing everything for such a patient, focus on teaching them how to do small things for themselves.


The more a patient can do on their own, the less dependent they will feel.


Losing Mental Focus

A big source of stress for seniors is the prospect of losing their mental focus. From major threats like Alzheimer's to simple memory issues, older patients often stress over the relative health of their mind.


However, you can help such patients simply by providing them with cognitive games. Crossword and sudoku puzzles, for example, are very fun on their own while also keeping the minds of players very sharp.


As an added bonus, games are a fun distraction from other potential sources of stress. In other words, you can take your patients' minds off of stress while keeping those minds sharp!


General Helplessness

Sometimes, stress can sap most of a patient's energy and thoughts. It may manifest in general feelings of helplessness and despair. For example, things like COVID-19 may make someone may think the world is dangerous and there is nothing they can do about it.


Such despair can affect patients of all ages. And regardless of the patient's age, the solution is the same: you should help the patient focus on the things they can control.


When they focus on the things they can control, such as their diet and exercise regimen, it can help patients feel more in control of their own lives. And that helps ease feelings of general helplessness.


Sadness of Isolation

Our last source of stress and uncertainty is, sadly, the most common. As they get older, most patients will experience feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Some of this comes from the fact that their family and peers keep passing away. And they will feel more isolated if they don't get many visits from family members.


The best solution for this issue is to simply spend more time with the patient. Take the extra time to engage them in conversation or help them solve a puzzle.


At the end of the day, simply paying more attention to your patients can be just as beneficial as any medication or treatment.


Stress and Uncertainty: What Comes Next?

Now you know how to help patients with stress and uncertainty. But do you know who can provide the very best care without the patient leaving the house?


At Elite Home Health Care, we specialize in personal care, companionship care, nursing, and therapy. To see what we can do for you or your patients, contact us today!

Written by: Yelena Sokolsky