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Top Ways to Stay Connected Under Autumn Social Distancing

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all attempting to adjust to new schedules, scenarios, and social distancing rules. Our seniors are the most vulnerable in these times, and we need to make it a priority to reconnect with our elderly parents, relatives, and friends. Our aging population already suffers from the consequences of loneliness and isolation, and challenges like these add to this dilemma. As we move into the holiday season and with travel restrictions in place, it is important that we come up with a solid plan to keep connected with our loved ones. Here are two suggestions for you to consider during autumn social distancing: 

Make It a Priority to Use Technology Regularly

A 2016 AARP study showed that 80% of caregivers are skeptical of elders using and adapting to new technology. However, when seniors get comfortable using tech devices, the study shows that 77% of them go online multiple times a day. Keeping connected via technology is essential in the time of the pandemic to alleviate isolation, loneliness, and limited mobility. Here are some amazing ways to stay connected with our elderly population:


GrandPad is a tablet designed for seniors. It has 11 apps that use large and clearly labeled icons for videos, pictures, emails, calls, and more. The adult children or a family member will need to set up the device with all the relevant information. Then, it is very easy for your loved one to stay connected with you at the click of a button. They can chat, see pictures of their grandkids, and FaceTime instantly. All the information is preloaded on the GrandPad so no password is required. There is a live 24/7 support feature to troubleshoot any problems.


Involve your aging parent or your relative in an online platform called StoryWorth. Each family member is emailed a question to reflect upon and provide an answer via email or a phone call (available at the click of a button). At the end of the year, multiple family members and contributors can combine their answers into an album of stories leaving a legacy for the younger generation.

Virtual Experiences

MyndVR provides adventurous virtual experiences and engages people in enthralling ways by bringing them out of their comfort zones. They can visit the Great Wall of China or the fjords of Norway with these virtual experiences. Engaging in new experiences is a great way to learn new things right from the comfort of your home.

Reliving Memories

Aura Frames is a digital photo frame that allows you to store digital pictures. It also allows your elderly loved ones to add pictures, creating a lifetime of memories. Photos can be instantly pulled from your smartphone via an app.

Phone Calls

There is nothing more intimate than talking with your loved ones over the phone. Establish a routine to make regular phone calls to your elder folks during autumn social distancing. FaceTime and video chats are fun ways to catch up and be involved. 

Establish a Visitation Schedule

Make it a priority to schedule visits with your elderly parents or family members if you live locally. Plan simple and fun activities to make the visits purposeful and engaging:

  • Bring flowers and plan an outdoor activity with every visit. Take a walk in the neighborhood with your elderly family member.

  • Bring a meal or order takeout and eat a meal together.

  • Take a scenic drive nearby, or spend some time in the parks practicing safe social distancing.

  • Plan an online shopping excursion and discuss gift ideas.

  • Be mindful and share simple celebrations virtually with your elderly loved ones, especially birthdays, graduations, etc. 

Make it a priority to connect with your elder folks in these pressing times. Be patient and encourage them to use technology resources as much as possible to keep connected. Offer as much support as possible to make them comfortable in using these resources. Autumn social distancing may be difficult, but building a routine that works will help your family feel closer even during the pandemic. 

If you are looking for quality home healthcare services for your elderly loved ones, please contact us for details.


Written by: Yelena Sokolsky