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Shining The Spotlight On Seniors and Heart Health

Why Seniors Need to Maintain a Healthy Heart

Heart health is one of the biggest health concerns among seniors. In the same way an engine keeps a car going, the heart keeps the body running. By functioning around the clock every day, the heart is the most important muscle. If you are a senior or take care of a senior with heart health issues, ensuring they are in good shape in their golden years is paramount. 

According to the American Federation for Aging Research, the prevalence of heart disease before 60 is 33% for men and 10% for women. Though the risk of heart disease increases with age, heart disease doesn't have to be an inevitable part of aging. When it comes to heart health, preventing and managing the heart's conditions improves cardiovascular health. More often than not, the warning signs of an unhealthy heart are passed off as non-serious medical issues and simple inconveniences. 

If an older adult you're caring for already has a heart condition, it's never too late to cultivate habits that will help you stay on top of heart disease and get on the path of a healthier lifestyle. 

Taking Better Care of Your Heart or A Senior Loved One with Heart Health Issues

To help prevent multiple cardiovascular complications, seniors with heart disease need to monitor their heart condition and get checked up frequently. To take control of your heart health, understand the risk factors associated with heart attack, seek medication, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. You or a loved one you're caring for can reduce the risk of heart-harming trends, like high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and bring them under control before they can cause damage. 

Here are some tips seniors dealing with heart issues can use to improve their heart health:

1. Get Enough Exercise.

Same as all other muscles, exercise will strengthen your heart. Older adults need to find an activity they enjoy and stick with it for the long run.

2. Eat Heart-Healthy Foods.

Seniors need to take care of their hearts by eating heart-healthy foods. Loading up a heart-healthy diet, limiting fatty meats, and eating more fresh fruits will steer you towards a healthier lifestyle.

3. Don't Stress Out.

Stress can add to the numerous heart disease risks seniors already face. If you don't manage stress as an older adult, your blood pressure escalates and contributes to heart disease, causing your heart rate to become faster.

4. Watch Your Numbers. 

If you or a loved one you're caring for has heart disease, make sure they get checked up regularly. Depending on your condition, ensure all risk factors are kept in check by maintaining a healthy body weight for your size and watching your weight. 

5. Limit Alcohol Intake.

Consumption of excess alcohol could worsen your health conditions and accelerate the deterioration of your heart condition. 

6. Avoid Smoking and Smokers.

Smoking contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases. If you smoke, now is the time to talk to your caregiver about quitting. If you don't smoke, but you're a second-hand smoker, avoid smokers as much as possible.

7. Get Good Quality Sleep.

Older adults need to get good quality sleep to minimize the risk of depression, high blood pressure, heart attack, and obesity.

Benefits of Heart Health for Seniors

No matter how old you are, taking good care of your heart can prevent heart disease and help you avoid cardiovascular diseases. Some of the many reasons seniors should proactively maintain a healthy heart include:

  • Lower risk of developing dementia

  • Reduced feelings of depression

  • Improved blood flow and better blood circulation

  • Lesser risk of heart disease and stroke

  • Reduced risk of incidence of heart arrhythmia

Finding The Perfect Home Health Service for You or A Senior Loved One

Need help with the specialized care of a loved one with heart health issues? Elite Home Health Care is here for you.  At Elite Home Health Care, we care for your heart health. In honor of American Heart Month, we remain committed to offering world-class specialized care services for seniors with heart health issues.  

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Written by: Yelena Sokolsky